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We can help you create an airtight document that protects your interests

Out of all the estate planning documents, wills are some of the most common. These forms are considered to be the foundation of any strong estate plan, and these outline what will happen to your estate after you die. Many people have wills that designate certain important people, to receive real estate, investments, and other possessions, that otherwise may not receive anything under default (intestate) law. Wills are also valuable in protecting your loved ones from certain tax penalties and burdens. However, despite the usefulness of wills, it’s estimated that nearly 70% of Americans don’t have one!

Here at Scire Law, we understand the ins and outs of creating and modifying wills in California, and we can help you create an airtight document that protects your interests, and makes sure your assets are divided the way you want them to be. Depending on the size and complexity of your estate, we can customize your will creation to cover things like multiple properties, small businesses, investments/stocks/bonds, inheritance, charitable giving, and more. With a clear and concise will, you can rest well knowing that everything you’ve worked hard for, will be distributed according to your desires.

When you are ready to put your own will in place, come to Scire Law. We offer world-class San Jose estate planning, and we serve the entire region, including Santa Clara, Alameda, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz counties. Get in touch with us today for your free consultation!