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We all want our loved ones to be taken care of after we pass

The process through which a person’s assets are transferred after their death is known as “probate,” and it can be a lengthy and complicated procedure. Many estate planning documents are designed to avoid probate, or to keep it as quick and hassle-free as possible. Probate is a court-supervised legal process, through which possessions, assets, debts, and other personal holdings are accounted for, settled, and distributed. If you die without any estate planning in place (known as “intestate”), your case will automatically go through probate and all of your assets will be subject to the default laws in your state. However, with a qualified estate planning attorney in San Jose, you may be able to avoid this stressful procedure altogether.

We all want our loved ones to be taken care of after we pass, and we don’t wish for them to endure the headaches of probate. Through the creation of certain trusts and insurance policies, you can ensure that your assets are divided and disbursed, without the need for probate. Here at Scire Law, we understand the laws in California, and we can help you create an estate plan that minimizes probate risk. Probate can come with hefty fees and other financial losses, and our legal team can help you draft the right documents to avoid it.

Need help with your estate plan, or have questions about probate? Reach out to us at Scire Law and ask for your free initial consultation! We are located in San Jose, but work in the following counties: Santa Clara, Alameda, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz.