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Nursing Home Abuse/Elder Abuse
Nursing Home Abuse/Elder Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse/Elder Abuse

They can be taken advantage of, often without being noticed

We never expect to be taken advantage of, in our golden years, but unfortunately, this kind of thing happens more than you might think. Elder abuse is the physical, emotional, sexual, or financial mistreatment of an elderly individual, and this often occurs in nursing homes, hospice centers, and other assisted living facilities. Because the elderly are a particularly vulnerable population, they can be taken advantage of, often without being noticed. However, all of us at Scire Law, and other elder abuse lawyers in San Jose, are here to protect our aging loved ones. We are passionate about fighting elder abuse and nursing home abuse in California.

Most of the time, the abuse is perpetrated by a family member or other caregiver, and it can be difficult to spot the signs. If you suspect that someone is mistreating an elderly person, it’s important that you reach out to the proper authorities, and find a qualified attorney. You may notice unusual behavior, unexplained bruises or wounds, fearful or withdrawn mannerisms, unusual purchases or withdrawals from bank accounts, sudden changes in legal documents, and other red flags. No matter what type of abuse or neglect your elderly loved one is facing, you deserve to get justice.

If you want to learn more about elder abuse, and how we at Scire Law can help your family recover from such a tragedy, get in touch with us. We serve the following counties: Santa Cruz, Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo.