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Truck Accidents
Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

The consequences of colliding with another vehicle can be steep

When it comes to sheer power and force on the road, there is nothing quite as dangerous or intimidating as a truck. Being involved in a truck accident in California can be a traumatic experience, and could result in serious, life-altering injury. Here at Scire Law, we are committed to helping the victims of trucking accidents, get the compensation they need to reclaim their lives after tragedy. If you have been hurt in an accident involving a truck or other large commercial vehicle, we’re here to help you. You should not have to deal with the lasting personal and financial consequences of an accident you didn’t cause.

For drivers today, being on the road can be scary. With drunk or distracted motorists, especially those behind the wheel of a powerful truck, hazards are everywhere. However, for truck drivers, the consequences of colliding with another vehicle can be steep, and we promise that we’ll do everything we can to bring them to justice. When you need a hard-hitting personal injury attorney in San Jose, you can count on us. Our team of savvy, tenacious legal professionals is here to help you get back on your feet after a trucking accident.

Have you been involved in a truck accident and suffered injury? Get in touch with our law firm right away, and ask for your free case review. We proudly serve the counties of: Alameda, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Mateo.