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Child Neglect/Abuse
Child Neglect/Abuse

Child Neglect/Abuse

At Scire Law, we’re dedicated to ending the horrors of child neglect and abuse

The children of our community deserve to have a voice, and here at Scire Law, we’re dedicated to ending the horrors of child neglect and abuse. We understand the trauma that thousands of children endure each year here in California, and we also know the laws that are designed to protect them. Our team of legal professionals will work hard to help you, if you suspect a case of child abuse or neglect, and bring the people responsible to justice.

Because this is such a sensitive issue, unfortunately many cases of child abuse go unreported. In a broad sense, child abuse includes any type of cruelty inflicted upon a child, including mental and emotional abuse, physical harm, sexual exploitation, neglect, coercive or threatening behavior, and more. Typically, children are abused by their parents, caregivers, or other adults overseeing their welfare.

There are a variety of signs of potential child neglect or abuse, including but not limited to: physical marks (unexplained scrapes, bruising, or other wounds), emotional regulation issues (angry outbursts, fearful behavior, aggression, mistrust, depression, anxiety), and social problems (withdrawal or isolation, getting in fights). If you suspect that someone is harming a child, reach out to your local San Jose child abuse attorney as soon as possible.

Scire Law fights for the victims of child abuse and neglect in California, and we can help you. Call us today for your free consultation. We serve the counties of: San Mateo, Alameda, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz.